Trending Baju Kurung Ideas for Malay Women To Wear At 2021 Hari Raya

The women’s baju kurung is a flowing lengthy dress, comprising of a skirt and a tunic. The skirt is prepared from an extensive cloth with pleats on one side; the chemise is collarless, has extensive sleeves, and broadens to between the hips and knees. It is sometimes prepared of imported silk from different countries. The eastern Malaysian states of Kelantan and Terengganu fabricate silk themselves and traditionalists wish this fabric as the civilization of batik and other hand-made fabrics is still strapping there. The Baju Kurung Modern Malaysia usually uses lively colors and geometric outlines.

Baju Kurung Modern Malaysia

Baju kurung Trends for 2021 Hari Raya:

If you want to look most excellent and overtake all your aunts, cousins, and sisters, look no additional than the trendy collection of Baju Kurung Modern Online, carefully curated by Haute Binti Muslimah! This year, designers have recognized more than a few key trends for Muslimah dresses and the compilation summarizes all of them in a variety that is easily reached in together price point and style. Those familiar with shopping with us will also consider the inclusive range of sizes offered for each design of clothing, in addition to our welcoming return policies that will not leave you unhappy with dress regret. Pass over the crowds at the Hari Raya bazaars this year and get your Malaysian dress online from us. Here are some trending Baju Kurung Modern 2021 ideas for Hari Raya:

  • Bell sleeves:

In 2021, bell sleeves have been developing up universally as designers revive the club fume of the Retro 70s. You can choose for unadorned bell sleeves or decorative ones, and select from diverse fabrics, which will offer the bell sleeve a faintly special effect. Soft and thin fabric will give an additional flow effect while a decorous, stiffer fabric will provide the bell sleeve extra structure, and look more distinct. For the short ladies out there, prefer bell sleeves that are not too outsizes or extended with the intention that your dress does not overcome your undersized frame.

  • Capes:

Almost certainly the most theatrical of all shapes, the cape progressed from clown book and onscreen superhero fashion to genuine runway fashion this precedent year. Even nuptial lines have been creating gowns with this new outline in mind, for brides to make their impressive entry. If you’re not one to timid away from a challenge, choose a Baju Kurung Modern Online with a cape and you’re bound to turn heads on the street. Just be cautious not to get your cape trapped on everything.
Baju Kurung Modern Online Malaysia

  • Embellishments and Needlework:

Most dresses in our Baju Kurung Online Boutique are prepared of decorative or shimmery fabric and accessorized with badges and handbags. In 2021, go for rather a bit diverse and fancier by selecting an Haute Binti Muslimah dress that features any flourishes or needlework. Flower-patterned needlework on a dress has elevated visual appeal and is grand for younger ladies who do not want to appear too grown-up or excessively dressed up. Or else, opt for some bling next to the neckline or sleeves for some minimalist glamour.

  • Mermaid hems:

This offers the fantasy of lengthy and well-rounded legs, particularly if you desire to be a little more risqué and choose a stretched skirt. The mermaid hem is a style of skirt that flares out at the bottom, making your every movement a swishy and attention-grabbing affair. For an actually bold outline, prefer a mermaid hem in a thicker fabric that will hold its outline well and make certain the skirt fits fine at the waist.

  • Sparkler Hues:

If your family is color synchronizing, encourage them to choose a shade that is bold and rich for Hari Raya this year. A vivid berry color, for example, would complement many diverse skin tones and is appropriate for both men and women. These sparkler hues are grand for celebratory occasions and when you prefer a cloth-like satin, the additional shimmer will offer your whole outfit a feel of classiness. Other surprising shades comprise bronze or emerald, which are far more thrilling than pastels.

  • Shapely outlines:

Take time out from the normal shape and cut of the female Malay conventional set of clothes by altering up the outline! The Baju Kurung Modern Malaysia has been reinterpreted with the idea of loads of runway trends and converted into something cool and wearable but still meek for the modern Malay lady.
Baju Kurung Modern Malaysia

History of Baju kurung:

The Baju Kurung Modern Malaysia, a type of local clothes for Malay females, comprises baju and kurung. In the Malay language, baju means to dress and shirts; kurung means captivity, lock up. Baju is a type of frock coat, whose sleeve is extended to the wrist; kurung is a type of skirt, which is extended to the ankle. Moreover, with a 200-year-long history, the dress was made up by Sultan Abu Babar, who is the father of Modern Johor. In the 1800s, while planning to create the baju kurung, he measured two major factors: meeting the requirements of the rules of their religion (Islam) and being aesthetically gratifying.


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