2021 Baju Kurung Trends For Different Aged Modern Ladies In Malaysia

Baju kurung moden adalah salah satu pakaian tradisional yang paling popular di Malaysia. Disebabkan oleh warisan budaya dan kesannya yang menarik, banyak orang Malaysia memilihnya. Baju kurung moden mempunyai kesempatan kepada para pemakainya untuk menampakkan diri mereka dengan menggunakan gaya pakaian yang berbeda dan menonjol. Bentuk dan saiz pakaian ini tergantung pada gaya dan kesukaan setiap individu yang menggunakannya.

Baju kurung moden dibuat dengan bahan yang lembut dan selesa untuk dipakai. Biasanya terdiri daripada kain batik, selendang, dan aksesori tambahan seperti pinggang dan anting-anting. Ia juga mempunyai beberapa variasi seperti baju kurung panjang, dua helai, busana, dan lain-lain.

Kini, baju kurung moden dijual di kedai runcit, pasar raya dan di banyak premis lain. Ia juga digunakan oleh pelbagai kumpulan umur dari kanak-kanak hingga dewasa. Ia tidak hanya dipakai di Malaysia tetapi juga di seluruh dunia.

Trend Baju Kurung 2021: Berikut adalah beberapa Trend Baju Kurung 2021 terbaik untuk Wanita Moden Berbeza umur di Malaysia:

baju kurung modern Malaysia

  • Embroidery and Embellishments:

The majority of baju kurung are prepared of decorative or shimmery fabric and decorated with badges and handbags. This year, choose somewhat a little diverse and fancier by selecting an haute binti muslimah dress that features whichever needlework or trimmings. Floral needlework on a baju kurung Raya Malaysia has elevated visual appeal and is grand for younger ladies who do not want to look too grown-up or exceedingly dressed up. Or else, choose some bling alongside the neckline or sleeves for some modest glamour.

  • Teluk Belanga:

Baju kurung modern Malaysia is the conventional clothing for Malay women in Malaysia. This flowing knee-length loose dress is worn with a sarung. Usually, sarung is worn for informal wear at home. The Teluk Belanga has a classic neck with no band, sewed in the ‘mata lalat’ or the‘tulang belut style. As the name reflects, this trend belongs to Teluk Belanga, the island of Singapore, which was the capital state of Johor in the past.

  • Jewel Hues:

If your family is color synchronizing, encourage them to choose a shade that is bold and rich for Hari Raya this year. A bright berry color, for example, would complement many diverse skin tones and is appropriate for both men and women. These jewel hues are grand for cheerful occasions and when you prefer a fabric like satin, the additional shine will give your whole dress a touch of classiness. Other stunning shades comprise bronze or emerald, which are far additional exciting than pastels.

baju kurung tradisional

  • Cekak Musang:

This style of baju kurung traditional has the fashionable Cekak Musang or Mandarin-inspired collar. The high-flying collar comes with five buttons counting two buttons for the neckline. This type of dress is used to be prepared of velvet with toning songket. It is frequently decorated with jewelleries and is generally specially made particularly for conventional Malay weddings.

  • Kebarung or Kebaya Kurung:

This is another baju kurung Malaysia trend for those who want to wear somewhat unusual. It is a mixture of the kurung and the kebaya. It is loose-fitting and approximately reaches the ankles and it is not one of the conventional dresses of the Malay. The ‘Kebaya Kurung’ has a kebaya cut with long sleeves and fastened at the front using chained badges. It gives out an overall relaxed outlook. Women who are careful of their figure will choose this style as it provides utmost comfort and is uniformly attractive.

Baju Kurung Tradisional Malaysia

  • Kebaya Labuh or Kebaya Panjang:

This trend of kebaya looks accurately like the undersized kebaya but it is longer typically under the knees and worn over a sarung. The narration has it that the Portuguese women wear this long integral kebaya in the 16th century possibly being inclined by the women in Sumatra, in North-Western Indonesia. Some declare the Chinese greatly influences this dress as the open-faced long-sleeved tunic reminds one of the dresses worn by women of the Ming Dynasty. Then there is an additional theory, which supposed that the Arabs predisposed this magnificent kebaya due to the rising influence of Islam.

  • The Kebaya Nyonya:

The Nyonyas or the Peranakan community frequently wears this attractive Nyonya Kebaya. This dress has slowly transformed it into a well-formed, embellished blouse, fastened with a set of chained brooches and worn with similar beaded slippers and hand-drawn batik sarong. This individual Kebaya Nyonya with its elaborate and attractive embroidery is an effect of the Nyonyas of inter-marriage Chinese-Malay descendants in the passages of Melaka.

  • Baju Kurung Kedah:

This is an undersized blouse with a baju kurung Raya Malaysia collar and three-quarter sleeves. It is calm and useful as you can move around with no trouble due to the sensible and hassle-free design. Ladies wear it with a long skirt or batik sarung or a kain pelikat joined to the frontage with the impressive motif in front. Those days, most wedded Malay women would be dressed in this outfit.

  • Modern Baju Kurung:

This is the modern and updated approach to baju kurung. Even the baju kurung modern Malaysia has developed with time. It is shorter, shapelier, and worn out with a long skirt and comes in a variety of designs. Nothing like the usual baju kurung, kurung modern top has no pesak. As an alternative, it’s swapped by darts and zip while the bottom can be a lengthy skirt, A-line skirt, pareo, or mermaid kilt. This underside skirt moreover comes in dissimilar styles like wrapped, pleated, with or without the cut. While the opening can take about 2 feet extensive either in front, at the side, the back, or with only two waves at the backside. The modern Malaysian dress has developed so a lot that it comes in lots of forms. You can see up-to-date styles in all types of fabrics from satin, songket, chequered, polka dots, arithmetical patterns, batik, light shades, and energetic colors.

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