Hijab is not only a piece of cloth wrapped around our heads or a piece of cloth that we wear to cover ourselves for no reason. Hijab is not only about clothes it provides a sense of empowerment, a sense of strength, it provides us with the immense potential and confidence that lets us believe that we can conquer the whole world that these imperfections, defects, discolouration, flaws are not even worth considering that we are alone enough to confront all the hurdles that come our way. Hijab is a symbol of faith but not alone it is a symbol of faith but also it is a token of bravery, courage, strength and assurance.

Confidence is a most beautiful thing that a person possess, that ensures success and prosperity. Women who wear hijabs are warriors of Islam, they have utter faith and belief in themselves that they can overcome any obstacle and that there is no power in the world that could bring them down.
Over the years the concept of beauty has evolved drastically. Beauty has come to be an essential part of living. Most people think in order to succeed they have to have the looks.

People these days are far from the concept that modesty is actual beauty and they’ve been living in ignorance I believe. Modesty allows a person to truly live their lives, to present their true selves, to express their true personalities, it brings them freedom from judgments and criticism, it helps them build their self esteem.

Modesty is a best jewel that a woman can flaunt and be proud of, modesty brings us self-reliance which leads to success and prosperity. Dressing modestly in this era of extreme fashion styles plays a key role in feeling comfortable and peace of mind and heart. Dressing modestly is a sign of respect and symbol of peace. Dressing modestly does not mean that one is scared to reveal their appearances but it shows that one is confident enough to reveal their minds it reveals that how much one loves oneself. Dressing modestly is not about covering ourselves or hiding ourselves it’s about revealing our true self it is actually about revealing our dignity.

“Have more than you show, speak less than you know”

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